Test your design before building it

One thing is almost certain, the initial features and functions of designs will need to be reworked. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of by how much. So, rather than wait for user-testing at the end of development cycles, avoid costly rework by validating the features and functionality with users up-front before committing to development.

We’ll take your planned features and functions and use them to quickly construct a user-friendly mockup such as a paper prototype or visual scenario board. We’ll go to where real users are and have them do real work while using the mockup. For the parts of the design that work well for users, you’ll come away with sales points in the user’s own words. For the parts that don’t work, we’ll co-design changes with users until it does work for them. We can have interview review sessions with your in-house team to update the design and specifications based on user feedback. Once the design stabilizes you’ll have confidence that further iterations such as UI design and software construction will be based on a much more stable set of requirements.