Validate your vision before committing to it

Do you have a product or service vision and want to be confident that it will offer real value and appeal? Your intended users have all the knowledge about how well your idea will help them in their work or lives compared to their present situation. They’ll be able to help you understand precisely where and how your vision provides new value or solves a problem. They’ll also help you understand if part of the vision lacks appeal or how it might inadvertently add new problems or complexities to their lives. They can, in turn, help you resolve any identified deficiencies in your vision.

We’ll draw a picture of your vision from the user perspective, using high-level scenarios depicting who they are and what they’re doing interacting with your product or service. We’ll then spend time with real people in your target market or user population to gain a deep understanding of what they do, why they do it, what matters most to them, and what problems they’re experiencing as it relates to your vision. We can test and improve upon vision concepts or scenarios with them while doing the activity that the vision intends to support. This way you’ll get more honest and specific reactions to your ideas.

Through user research and testing you’ll come away knowing what works well and generates excitement, along with sales points in the words of the customer. You’ll know what doesn’t work and why, giving you the understanding you need to make improvements to your vision. And you’ll know how they perform the activities you’re supporting to help ensure coherence in the design of your vision’s features.